Teva Pharmaceutical Industries – extension

Project details

Our Projects - Teva Pharmaceutical Industries – extension

Runcorn, Cheshire

First-floor extension and cleanroom and packing area construction

24 weeks

BPG Scope of Works:

  • Health and safety management
  • Project management
  • New partitioning
  • New ceilings
  • Fire-rated vision panels
  • New resin floors throughout packing area
  • Vinyled walls and floors
  • ISO7 cleanroom construction
  • Kingspan composite panels
  • Decoration
  • Dorek doors
  • Specialist finishes

The challenge

Teva is the largest generic drug manufacturer in the world. As you can imagine, their production is always scaling up, which requires greater amounts of working space. For this project, they needed a new cleanroom and packing area to allow them to increase their capacity within their ophthalmic facility.

Working with Teva, we needed to consider the sensitive, delicate nature of their operations. Our works had to be performed in a controlled, safe, and clean manner, as to not affect their production.

The solution

Our work involved extending the ground floor of the facility to make room for the new space. Careful planning and communication, together with the strict monitoring of health and safety, was essential to ensure a successful completion. All the while, we ensured that production wasn't impeded while working on the cleanroom and packing area.

The benefits

The client was incredibly impressed with the finished space, with project manager at Teva, Dave Humphreys, calling it "the best cleanroom on site". The new facility will allow them to continue to grow and push forward their reputation as a world-leading pharmaceutical company.