Boulting Environmental Services

Project details

Charnwood, Loughborough

Internal fit-out of research building

20 weeks

BPG Scope of Works:

  • Project management
  • Temporary screens and segregation
  • 22,970 sq ft of partitioning
  • Fire protection
  • GRP door sets
  • PBSC break-out panels
  • Vision panels
  • Low-level extract boxes
  • Cleanroom construction
  • 28,730 sq ft of lay-in grid ceilings
  • MF ceilings covering 32,000 sq ft
  • Specialist finishes

The challenge

On any pharmaceutical project, working within strict guidelines and maintaining compliance is a number one priority. This project was no different. Working with Boulting, we had to design and build a new, industry-leading facility for high-hazard tablet production. Beyond that, we had to complete the work in a live environment with a tight deadline.

The solution

Prior to this project, we had a strong relationship with Boulting. This meant we could hit the ground running; we understood how each other worked and could collaborate with incredible efficiency. Along with the cleanroom, we had to fit-out new office spaces, created within an existing fallow area incorporating desk areas, quiet rooms, and meeting rooms.

But this work had to be completed first as the current office was situated in the newly planned production area. This required a great deal of planning and communication to ensure all elements of the project were completed at the right time to make the space available for further works.

The benefits

Building Projects Group completed this high-specification project ahead of schedule, and the client was particularly impressed with the standard of workmanship and site cleanliness. We also managed to strengthen our relationship with Boulting (as well as the client) and look forward to working together again in the future.