Sanofi Dispensary Works now completed

Building Projects Group have completed preliminary works in conjunction with Sanofi Dispensary works.

To include:-

  • Forming of a new opening and construction of a sealed tented area either side of an existing wall to contain dust and form new structural opening for new services and fireseal all round.
  • Installation of Pressure Stabilisers, construction of a  sealed tented area to contain dust and installed sleeved pressure.
  • Ceiling Penetrations: Construct sealed tented area off access equipment to contain dust and cut out for 600x600mm penetrations in existing MF ceiling
  • Construct temporary screens, demolition and strip out of existing partitions, doors and vision panels.  Construct new partition including re-use of existing doors and vision panels with flush coved flooring detail for Epoxy SystemThe Nasacourt Suite (Dispensary and Airlock) is within a working production facility.  Whilst the works within the Dispensary and Airlock were undertaken during an annual shutdown period, the remainder of the facility was completed in a working environment.Operatives had to abide by Sanofi protocol donning appropriate footwear, gowns, hairnets and snoods to access the work area.  Once within the work area our operatives were required to change into appropriate PPE for the construction site.  All waste materials and debris were collected in covered bins and wheeled to an external skip location at the end of each working day.  All materials taken in to the work area were boxed/wrapped to ensure no contamination occurred.
Building Projects Group

Building Projects Group